Easter Amazement

March 30th, 2013 Posted in photo, writing

According to the story told by Luke and John, when Jesus came to his friends after the Resurrection, he showed them the wounds in his hands and feet (Luke) or his hands and side (John). But he didn’t show these wounds to shame or accuse his followers. He didn’t say, “See what I had to go through. And you weren’t even there because you ran away.” Instead, Jesus expressed only love for them. I find that amazing.

I find it amazing, too, that some days after the Resurrection, when Jesus was alone with Peter (whom Jesus had called the rock of his church but who had denied even knowing Jesus), he didn’t say, “Peter, aren’t you sorry about how you acted?” No. He simply said, “Peter, do you love me?” Jesus let him know that it was not Peter’s weakness and unfaithfulness that were important but only where his heart was now.

In the Spiritual Exercises St. Ignatius wrote that the risen Christ acted as a consoler to his friends, mending their broken hearts and drying their tears, showing that he had not lost his love for them and that his one desire was for them to love him back.

That message of forgiveness, reconciliation and friendship with Christ is one that we, too, need to hear, for as individuals, churches or the human race, we have fallen short in the loyalty and love we owe Christ. But as the risen Jesus showed that he loved and forgave his friends two thousand years ago, he loves and forgives us today.

And this is a fundamental part of Easter’s amazing revelation — not only that Jesus has risen but that he loves us, no matter how we have acted towards him.

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