Increase our Faith

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The disciples' request to Jesus was simple: Increase our faith. Presumably, Jesus could have answered them “Yes” or “No” and that would have been that. Instead, Jesus said that even a little faith can do a lot, which seemingly ...

Partial Credit

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As far as I know there's no patron saint of partial credit, but I'd like to nominate St. Peter for the job. Peter's finest moment came when he declared that Jesus was the Messiah sent by God, and Jesus ...

Surprising Growth

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Sometimes growth happens quickly and dramatically, but most of the time it’s more slow and subtle. The Kingdom of God is a lot like that, according to Jesus. He told about a man who planted a crop, then went to ...

Tough Going Solo

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When the new year arrived almost a month ago, I resolved to eat less, read more, and go to bed earlier. As is the case for most of my resolutions, I’ve had limited success. I think I would do better if ...

The Sowing, the Growing, and the Sower

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The parable of the sower has a lot to unpack in it. Matthew chapter 13