Who’s the Host?

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At the start of that day when Jesus called Matthew from his job as a tax collector, Matthew probably would have never guessed that when the day ended, instead of being surrounded by coins and receipts, he would be at ...

Naming God

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In the Old Testament, God revealed his name to Moses: “I-Am-Who-Am”. It was a sacred, mysterious name and the practice grew up of never pronouncing it aloud. God’s name and the way it was treated suggested the distance between him ...

Friends (Easter 6)

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Is it presumptuous to say that God is our friend? It would appear right to refer to him as creator and ruler or the one on whom we are utterly dependent and to whom we owe our love and obedience. ...

Jesus Prayed

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Why did Jesus pray?

Sometimes the Storm Is Us

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In the fourteenth chapter of Matthew’s gospel, the disciples find themselves out in the storm, buffeted by wind and waves, not sure who is the figure they see in the lightning illuminated darkness. They think it’s a ghost but ...