Tough Going Solo

January 16th, 2009 Posted in writing

When the new year arrived almost a month ago, I resolved to eat less, read more, and go to bed earlier. As is the case for most of my resolutions, I’ve had limited success.

I think I would do better if I didn’t try to do it by myself. I’ve noticed in the past that if other people encourage me and hold me accountable, I keep my resolutions better. By myself, I lose motivation quickly, and I suspect that would be true for most of us.

But that just goes to illustrate a larger truth: we need others if we’re to be better. Two millennia ago, Aristotle said that a human being can’t grow morally unless he or she has friends. We’ll never be good all by ourselves. I also think Jesus wanted a church, for a community of other believers helps us grow spiritually, making it easier for people to keep a sense of God and stay open to the Spirit.

My best intentions won’t come to much if I don’t connect with others. So as I move into month number two of 2009, I’m aware that I need other people for success in my New Year’s resolutions and for a lot more.

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