Planning Lent

February 6th, 2013 Posted in photo, writing

Lent begins in a few days, so why not take some time to think about how we wish to “do” Lent this year. For instance, will we give up something this Lent, or will we add something?

Will our Lenten practice focus on making our lives better or bettering the lives of others, like a spouse, child, in-law, neighbor, friend, relative or stranger?

Maybe it would be good to pay a daily visit to one of the good prayer sites on the internet (check “Sacred Space,” hosted by the Irish Jesuits, or Loyola Press, which has some nice possibilities for prayer and reflection).

And even though we can make a profitable Lent on our own, this year maybe it would be nice to do some Lenten observance in companionship with a friend. Perhaps there are parish observances such as adoration or the stations of the cross and several people could to go together.

Even writing a list of people we wish to pray for and taping it to a mirror where can see it easily would be a fine Lenten practice. We don’t have to be elaborate in what we do.

And Lent doesn’t have to be gloomy. In fact, one of the prayers of the Mass refers to Lent as “this joyful season” — joyful because these six weeks can bring us closer to Christ. And what could be a deeper source of joy than that?

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  2. By Marj Crowe on Feb 22, 2013

    Thanks for introducing me to the Loyola press site. It has already become an important part of my Lenten practice.

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