Jesus’ Choices

March 6th, 2022 Posted in Uncategorized

After his baptism at the Jordan, Jesus is led by the Spirit to go into the desert to be tempted. In the desert, Jesus chooses the identity that will anchor and guide all the decisions of his life, giving flesh and meaning to the title “Son of God.”

What does it mean to be Son of God, and what does it not mean? It means that Jesus accepts his relationship to God as the center of his life. It does not mean using his power to compel the belief of others or to provide only for his own needs and desires.

In the desert Jesus shows that knows where he comes from (God his Father) and what he has been sent to do (bring fullness of life to us). How we formulate our answers about where we come from and what we have come for are certainly two basic questions we can let guide our prayer during Lent.

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