December 31st, 2021 Posted in Uncategorized

This first week of the New Year, many people will make resolutions they want to keep during the coming twelve months.

Some people will decide to ADD something to their lives, like exercising more or reading more or keeping up on the news each day.

Others may decide to ELIMINATE something, like smoking or high calorie desserts or gossiping or complaining. These are resolutions to give up something or other.

There is another kind of resolution, however, and that is the resolution to KEEP DOING something, neither adding nor eliminating something.

For instance, some years ago I began to say a rosary each morning while drinking a cup of coffee and looking out my bedroom window. It was a good way to begin the day. This year I resolve to continue that practice.

If any of these kinds of resolutions appears to you, give them a try, and see if the Holy Spirit is guiding you to one of them

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