I Want to See

October 21st, 2020 Posted in Uncategorized

In the New Testament, Jesus encountered a number of blind
people. When he asked what he could do for them, their answer
was no surprise: “Lord, I want to see!” They wanted to see the
world around them, the sky, the clouds, fields, trees, lakes,
towns and villages. They longed to see the faces of their
families, friends, loved ones, their own face, and a million other
things they had never seen.

There is, of course, another sight: the inner vision about who
we are and whose we are, which courses of action are good
and which are bad, which people elicit our love and trust and
which do not. This, too, is seeing.

Most of all, I believe that in Heaven I will see my mom and dad,
my grandparents, my sister who died before I was born, and
the brother or sister who died before being born. And I believe
that through the Holy Spirit’s power I will see Mary, Joseph, all
the angels and saints, Jesus and God the Father.

I believe this is the sight I have been promised; so I continue to
pray, “Lord, I want to see!” confident my desire will be granted

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