The Triduum

April 15th, 2019 Posted in writing

During Holy Week, the Church observes what is known as the Triduum, the time from Holy Thursday until Easter. During that time the Church gives reverent attention to the passion, death and rising of Jesus.

On Thursday evening there is a joyful commemoration of the Lord’s Last Supper and his gift of the Eucharist to us. But as the service ends there is a change of mood as we acknowledge that his gift entailed his suffering and death.

On Good Friday, the Church remembers Christ’s death in a liturgy that has many elements taken from the early days of the Church. The Good Friday liturgy reminds us that Jesus died a truly painful and difficult death to show us how much he loved his Father and us.

On Holy Saturday we wait, as Mary and the disciples waited on the day after Good Friday, no doubt trying to absorb all that had happened on Thursday and Friday. It is a quiet day liturgically. There are no services until the Easter vigil in the evening, which begins the 50-day Easter season.

So much is contained in the Triduum that we can never grasp the whole of it, but every year it reminds us of the great events that make our faith and hope secure.

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