Let Me Think About It

January 5th, 2019 Posted in writing

During the Advent and Christmas seasons we hear several times the story of Mary’s yes to God’s asking her to bring his Son into the world. She wasn’t told a lot of specific details, but trusting that the invitation was from God, her response was an immediateYes.”

It’s worth asking ourselves if we would be as quick to say yes as Mary was, because, in fact, the same invitation God offered to her comes to each of us. God asks us, “Will you be willing to bring my Son into your world — not just the big world of culture, politics or the media, but, just as importantly, into the smaller world where you work, where you live, your friendships, your family and those around you who are suffering or in need?”

We might answer, “I’m certainly flattered that you asked, Lord, but let me think about it if you don’t mind.” Then, as we mull it over, we may conclude that reluctantly we have to say no, a response motivated by believing we are too sinful, too old, too young, not smart enough or skillful enough or that our faith is too weak. At the core of our reluctance to say yes could also be a fear that comes from not knowing all the details of what saying yes might mean.

But all through our lives we need to remember that none of us can depend on ourselves alone to do what God invites us to do. God’s invitations always come with the assurance that God isn’t looking for perfectly qualified people but, rather, people who are willing to say, as Mary did in her answer, Yes, Lord. I’m at your service. Let whatever you wish be done.


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