Receiving Easter

April 9th, 2017 Posted in writing

This is the time of year for celebrating Easter, but it is also the time for “receiving” Easter. And, while it may not be the usual way we talk about it, the idea of receiving Easter can offer a different way to approach Easter, namely, by thinking of the Resurrection of Jesus as God’s greatest gift to us.

And, as wth all gifts of God, the gift of Easter is truly and completely achieved only if we open ourselves to receive it — just as sacraments become truly effective to the extent that we open our hearts and souls to receive them. So, how do we receive Easter?

We receive Easter when we long for the good news of Jesus’ Resurrection, knowing we need its assurance that we ourselves and the good things we have done will not pass into oblivion but will last forever.

We receive Easter when we let the Resurrection of Jesus become the bedrock and foundation of our hopes, believing that Jesus will share his life with us here on earth as well as eternally in Heaven.

Finally, we receive Easter when we let it confront our fears of the future or thoughts that God will leave us to our own resources, for Easter shows us that God is able to bring life even when it seems that death and diminishment rule the day.

So, may our celebration of Easter this year be full of joy and consolation as we pray to receive the gift of Easter with open hearts and deep gratitude.

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