A Simple Thought about Inner Peace

September 16th, 2016 Posted in writing

Though plenty of things these days can cause us to be upset and fearful, the words of St. Paul in his letter to the Colossians ask us to “ let the peace of Christ reign in your hearts” (Colossians, chapter three). Notice that Paul doesn’t say we have to create this peace on our own. Instead, he tells us to let Christ’s peace reign.

We do this when we open the doors of our hearts to accept the bedrock conviction of our faith, namely, that God loves us completely and entirely and that nothing can separate us from that love (Romans 8). When we do this, we find that Christ’s peace is the antidote for worried minds and disturbed souls.

So, though the world may provide us a diet of bad news about things that can worry and upset us, Christ’s peace can still reign in our hearts and minds if we ask the Holy Spirit to help us remember the profound truth about God’s abiding love and accept that truth into our lives.

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