Easter Present

April 16th, 2015 Posted in writing

“Christmas” and “presents” are two words that seem to just naturally go together, but “Easter presents” sounds a little odd. Still, if you stop to think about it, Easter celebrates an extraordinary present — the Resurrection. At Easter, we remember that God raised Jesus from death and gave him to us.

The suffering and death of Jesus were for us. Christ said at the last supper that his Body and Blood were being given for us. But the Resurrection is also for us and brings other gifts along with it: salvation, forgiveness of sins, freedom, new life and the restoration of our intimacy with God. The rising of Jesus makes it possible for us to live with faith, hope and love, knowing that Christ has conquered doubt, despair and selfishness.

At the Resurrection, God gives us Christ as our savior, and Jesus shares his risen life with us, not just after we die but even now. It’s a truly remarkable gift that our Father has given us. And we thank God for it every Easter Sunday and every Easter season.

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