Faith and Trust

August 12th, 2013 Posted in writing

Airplanes need two wings to fly. Similarly, in our lives as Christians we need the support of both faith and trust to keep our relationship with God airborne and moving forward.

As a matter of fact, faith and trust come together and feed each other. We trust God because we believe in God, and we believe in God (really, deeply believe in God) because of experiences we’ve had when we trusted God. Our faith leads us to new levels of trust, and our acts of trust bring us to new levels of belief.

Furthermore, if we wish to have an idea of how healthy our relationship with God is, all we have to do is ask ourselves two questions. First, how much ambiguity can we tolerate? Does everything have to be crystal clear all the time? Can we have faith in anything or anyone?

Second, can we allow ourselves to depend on someone other than ourselves? Do we always have to drive our bus or can we surrender control when it’s right to do that?

At certain times, one may be more active than the other, but faith and trust belong together if our relationship with God is going to fly.

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