Time for Review

May 7th, 2013 Posted in writing

At the high school where I work, this is the time of Advanced Placement (AP) exams and semester tests. As students have been busy reviewing what they have learned, I found myself thinking that, as the Easter season draws to an end, I might want to do my own review of the important things that the Church has been reminding us of for the last five-plus months.

The Christmas season was all about remembering the graciousness of God’s becoming human like us. In celebrating the Christ child who was born in a stable, we saw that God was no deity-at-a-distance, but truly one of us.

Then we learned during Lent about things we might need to strengthen or change in our lives. We were presented with the calls of Christ to conversion and reconciliation and his urging us to be attentive to the needs of others.

Finally, Easter season came, when Christ appeared as the great Consoler, especially for those who have experienced any kind of death or disappointment. His rising teaches all of us that no matter what worries and fears bother us, the Resurrection of Jesus has filled the world with hope and new life.

And, when that Easter season comes to an end on the feast of Pentecost, we can remember that, just as the Holy Spirit strengthened the faith of the disciples, we can depend on the Spirit to keep fresh in our minds and hearts all the lessons we have learned from and about Christ.

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