Making Miracles Possible

July 8th, 2012 Posted in writing

It was hard for Jesus to work many miracles in his hometown. Mark’s gospel (chapter 6) says it was because of the people’s lack of faith. They thought they knew all about Jesus and were also angry he wasn’t performing miracles when they wanted him to. Are there ways we make it hard for Christ to work miracles for us today, especially ones that heal and renew our souls?

One way is to think we really don’t need help or healing. We may believe we can handle our faults, failings or sins on our own. But when it comes to curing things like our self-centeredness, our blindness to the needs of others or our fears and resentments, we need Christ’s help. And if we don’t open ourselves to him, it’s hard for Jesus to help us.

Another way is to think that Christ can’t really be aware of each individual person’s needs. We might be willing to admit our need for Christ but think that, with all the billions of people in this world, surely he can’t pay attention to each one of us. The Scriptures tell us that God knows each of us by name, and Jesus said every hair on our head is numbered. But if we believe Christ can’t hear us, we’re unlikely to call out to him.

We make it hard for Christ to touch our lives if we don’t admit our need for his help or trust that he knows and cares about each person. But if, with God’s help, we admit our need for him and believe in his individual knowledge and love for us, then it will be easier for Jesus to work the miracles he wants to do for us.

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