The Core Shines Out

March 7th, 2012 Posted in writing

Who we are is a great mystery, but we certainly know that we are much more complex than a computer. Furthermore, we sense that there is something in people that’s been described as the Indwelling Trinity, the Holy Spirit or a spark of the Divine. We sometimes intuit that it’s there, but, amazingly, the disciples Peter, James and John actually saw it — at the Transfiguration of Jesus.

In that experience, for a brief time, Jesus’ divinity, majesty and beauty transformed everything in him so that he shone like the sun. Seeing it, the disciples were overcome and wanted the experience to go on and on. But it passed; and in the dark days that followed, the body of Jesus would be marked by the wounds of his passion. And Peter, James, and John would have only the memory of what they had witnessed until they saw him again after the Resurrection.

Do we ever catch a glimpse of the Divinity that lies at the core of us or the people around us? It’s unlikely that it will show itself in the same dramatic way as at the Transfiguration, but we can see it if we know what to look for: deeds of love, courage, compassion, self-sacrifice, creativity and acts of simple kindness.

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