Rethink Possible

February 29th, 2012 Posted in writing

AT&T tells us in their ads, “Rethink Possible.” Jesus urges us, “Repent!” Interestingly, the Greek word for “repent” in the gospel (metanoia) contains the root word for mind, suggesting that Jesus challenged people to not just stop doing bad things but to change their minds and reorient their thinking.

So maybe Lent can be about thinking as well as behavior. Are there any specific things that could use rethinking? How about rethinking faith, going beyond rote observances and into the heart of trust which faith calls for? Maybe we could rethink others, looking at who we connect with, what we offer them, what they bring us and also who we don’t pay attention to. Or perhaps we might rethink our parish or church, to see how it could be a more effective community of prayer and service and how we might contribute to that effort.

We may be quite comfortable with all of these things; but if we want to rethink them, what better time to do it than Lent?

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