Calls and Changes

January 16th, 2012 Posted in writing

Sometimes vocational calls come by hearing a word of command (“Follow me!”). Sometimes they come as a response to one’s curiosity (“Where do you live? . . . Come and see.”) Sometimes they come as promises, as in Christ’s call to Peter (“You’ll be catching men”) or Nathaniel (“You’ll see great things”) or the disciples at the last supper (“You’ll do greater things than I”). They vary from person to person.

I’ve also found that what people feel called to sometimes changes, so that what sustains them is different from what originally drew them. For example, I wanted to be in a religious order that lived a common life, but I regarded being a Jesuit teacher as my basic vocation. Now Jesuit community life is more fundamental to me than teaching. In order of importance, the two have changed places.

What drew you to your vocation? Has it changed over time?

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