Let’s Dance

June 24th, 2011 Posted in writing

We just celebrated Trinity Sunday, a feast that is normally a preacher’s nightmare, for not only is the mystery of the Trinity hard to explain, it’s easy to take a wrong turn and end up in some kind of heresy.

But in a recent article I found out the Greek theologians had a word to describing what goes on in the Trinity — “perichoresis,” which is related to the Greek word for “dance.”

I wonder, then, if what is really going on in God is an amazing, beautiful, passionate, and creative dance, in which the three Persons move in creative harmony and rhythm, joy and love. And could it be that the Father “leads” and sends the Son to us to teach us the steps, while the Holy Spirit gives us the beat until we feel it in our bones?

I like thinking about the Trinity this way. It makes me eager to join the dance here and now, and when my life on earth is over, to be a permanent partner in God’s dance of unending life and love.

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