Not So Fast

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At the time of Jesus' ascension to heaven, he took his disciples outside Jerusalem to a nearby hill, where he left them with one instruction: Go back into the city and wait for the Holy Spirit. If I'd been there ...

Time for Review

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At the high school where I work, this is the time of Advanced Placement (AP) exams and semester tests. As students have been busy reviewing what they have learned, I found myself thinking that, as the Easter season draws ...

Free to Follow

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We’ve all heard about the rich young man who came to Jesus filled with a generous spirit but went away sad. Actually, only Matthew says he was young; Luke says he was a “ruler” and Mark says only that he ...

Pentecost, 2010

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The New Testament has two stories of the coming of the Spirit, one in the gospel of John, the other in the Acts of the Apostles. In their details, the stories differ on when the event took place, who was ...


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The coming of the Holy Spirit began a new age in the world.