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Christmas is about gifts, those we give and those we receive. During this Christmas season, let's take some time to look at all the gifts that surround us --- gifts big and small that have blessed us in the past ...

The Two Weeks of Christmas

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If you say, “Merry Christmas!” to someone after December 25, you’ll probably get a puzzled look, for in our society, once the 25th has come and gone, Christmas is over. But for centuries, Christmas Day was really the beginning of ...

Post-Christmas Pondering

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The liturgical Christmas season ended this year (2011) on January 9, the feast of the Baptism of the Lord. Lent doesn’t begin until March 9, so we have two months; but to do what? How about doing what Mary did? According ...

Holiday Returns

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About 30 per cent of this year’s Christmas gifts will be returned to the store because their recipients decided they were the wrong size, the wrong color, or wrong style. From the crowds I saw making returns in the stores ...

The Mystery of the Incarnate God

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