No Fine Print

September 17th, 2012 Posted in photo, writing

As a TV ad is coming to an end, you’ll often see, at the bottom of the screen, something like 5 to 10 lines of very small type, virtually impossible to read. That’s the fine print that tells you the offer or product you’ve just heard about comes with all sorts of disclaimers and warnings. Suddenly you suspect that this “great deal” may not be so great after all.

When it comes to Jesus, though, there’s no fine print. When he acknowledges that he is the Messiah, he also says up front that he will be turned over to the Gentiles who will kill him. He also tells his disciples that if they want to follow him, they’ll need to take up their crosses every day. Finally, he makes it clear that if people have hated him, they’ll hate his followers as well. It’s all out there. No hidden details.

Deep down, of course, we’d prefer that being a Christian would be happy and pleasant. Just as Peter wanted Jesus to avoid saying that the Messiah would suffer and die, we don’t want to think of what we might have to give up or go through if we want to be Jesus’ disciples. But even if our suffering may not be dramatic or catastrophic, it will still be something we’d rather avoid.

Christ does offer us the fullness of life right now and for eternity; but he knows — and he won’t let us forget — that only those who are willing, with God’s grace, to pay the price will be able to possess it. And he’s as straightforwardly honest about that as a person can be.


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  2. By Rob on Oct 27, 2012

    Thank you for these posts, Fr Majka! They have been particularly comforting for me recently.

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