December 25th, 2019 Posted in Uncategorized

At the Christmas season, the old saying that All Roads Lead to Rome must, for believers, change to All Roads Lead to Bethlehem. For, though Rome displayed the power and authority of an empire, Bethlehem reveals the deeper majesty and power of God’s love in being born as a baby.

Because God chose to come in such a manner, God makes himself available not just to the powerful of the world, but to simple shepherds. It is they who are not just told about the coming of Jesus but are invited to see it for themselves and bring the news to others.

Bethlehem reveals God’s deep desire, born out of love for us, to be one of us. It also reveals to us that God wishes to share his own life with us by being human.

So this season you might want to take some time to visit a crib scene in your local church or in your home And ask yourself what you are really seeing and what Bethlehem this year is teaching you.

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