Easter Consolation

April 11th, 2012 Posted in writing

Most of us live with disappointments, and though we may be disappointed with others (including God), I suspect that we are often most disappointed with ourselves.

The two disciples on their way from Jerusalem to Emmaus on the afternoon of Easter (Luke 24) were no strangers to disappointment. They’d been in Jerusalem and had experienced Jesus’ death. How could God have let such things happen to Jesus? How could their religious leaders have been so unjust and cruel? And, above all, how could they themselves have thought Jesus was the Messiah?

Suddenly Jesus joined them. They didn’t recognize him; but he opened the scriptures to explain that the Messiah had to die as he did, but in this way would enter his glory. As he went on speaking, the disciples’ hearts started to burn with hope and new life.

Ignatius Loyola noted that in his Easter appearances, Jesus comes to console not to blame or assign guilt or revisit the past over and over. We may do that, but he doesn’t. Instead, he comes to lead us from our disappointments, whether personal or collective, to a future full of hope.

May Christ’s consolation be ours this Easter season, and may we share that consolation with those around us.

Happy Easter!

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