Hard to Believe

May 9th, 2011 Posted in writing

When the gospels report the events of Easter, one thing may surprise us: the apostles didn’t believe it. They simply weren’t expecting it, despite the fact that a number of women followers of Jesus said they’d not only seen Jesus, they’d spoken with him and knew he had risen. They must have been frustrated at the way the apostles dismissed their testimony.

These men needed to see the Risen Lord before they could believe. And even when they did, some of them apparently weren’t completely sure that what they were seeing was real. It didn’t sink in right away. Luke said they needed forty days to accept and understand something of what it meant. They had to learn that Jesus was truly alive, that he wouldn’t desert them, and that they needed to share the news with others.

It took time for them. It will probably be the same for most of us, too. But that’s all right. We’re in good company.

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