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May 1st, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

So I have this Christening blanket I am crocheting for Bebe. The pattern has been a bit of a stretch for me as I am a self-taught novice. I decided from the beginning that I would pray as I crocheted. One of my favorite ways to work on this “prayer blanket” this Lent has been to listen to an online Jesuit retreat.

As I listened this morning to Father G speak about the value of spending time in prayer that was just listening and feeling rather than “speaking” and doing, I was challenged. All who know me would understand how challenging silence is to me.

But as I was listening, I was also trying to get a very nasty knot out of my crochet thread for my little blanket. How did this knot get here in the first place? What did I do wrong to cause it? Why does it seem that all my efforts….efforts filled with prayer….seem to make the knot tighter-more obstinate?

How many times in my life have I been faced with the thread of my life tied up in knots? When have I dealt with those knots with prayer and patience? When have I impatiently clipped out the knot and then created a new knot so I could move on with the project at hand? When has God ~my loving Parent~ patiently, prayerfully, carefully helped me unknot my life? Much to ponder as pick up my coffee cup and prepare to start my day….or should I say re-start…recharge my day?

Thanks to Marge C. for sharing this and letting me post it. I’m open to posting other pieces from time to time. If you have similar writing, send it to me at

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