Advent 2009: Changing Things

November 29th, 2009 Posted in writing

It’s Advent again, that season when we usually focus on how the Lord comes to us. This year, however, how about thinking about how we come to God?

We might want to go way back to Genesis and think about Abraham. How did he come to God? It began with the realization that God was asking him to change (“leave your country and your father’s house”). Maybe that isn’t hard for a young person, since young people usually can’t wait to get out on their own. But the writer of Genesis tells us that Abraham was seventy-five years old when he took his family and left for “a place I (God) will show you.” God called and he responded.

We may never hear God calling us to leave our homes, but he could be calling us give up the old ways of being ourselves. He might be asking us to do the normal things we’ve always done, but in new ways: with a new attitude, new purpose, greater creativity, more courage, compassion, patience and faith.

So, as Advent begins, are you hearing the voice of God saying to you, “It’s time for a change”?

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