In the Darkness…Pandemic 2020

April 13th, 2020 Posted in Uncategorized

In the book of prayers and readings a priest reads each day, i sometimes run across a phrase or sentence that catches my attention. I lately came upon these words from the Book of Exodus: [on Mount Sinai] Moses drew near to the thick darkness where God was.

But what struck me were the words “where God was.” Moses stepped into the thick darkness, encountered God there and was given the Law that would define define Israel’s identity and destiny.

We can certainly resonate with the notion of “thick darkness” for it describes our days living through the present pandemic with all its suffering, fear, uncertainty and mourning of the dead.

Though few of us, whether individuals or families, cities or nations, look forward to being in darkness. But if we trust that God can meet us in our darkness, then we can, perhaps, find the darkness becoming less dark, and we may even emerge with a clearer sense of who we are and what we need to do and to be in the future.

So, may our future days be brighter, and may we continue to look for God in all our days with faith, hope, courage and love for one another. We may have to look hard, but God is there for us as he was for Moses.

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